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Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus began his career in the mid-90s when he was discovered at a Hollywood party and asked if he would like to act in an upcoming play. At the time, he was working in a motorcycle shop while producing artwork as a painter, photographer, sculptor and video artist. After acting in that play, Reedus made his screen debut in 1997 with a small part in Guillermo Del Toro’s science fiction thriller “Mimic.” He continued to act in several movies, while correspondingly modeling for top fashion brands like Prada, Levi’s, H&M and Gap. He also acted in several music videos for top music artists such as Radiohead, Lady Gaga, Keith Richards, Björk and R.E.M.

In addition to his extensive acting career, Reedus continues to produce his artwork, direct, and own and operate his production company, Big Bald Head. Although Reedus has appeared in many movies, modeling campaigns and music videos over the past few years, until recently he was probably best known for his role as vigilante Murphy MacManus in the cult classic “The Boondock Saints.”

In the last couple of years, however, Reedus has become famous for playing the character of Darryl Dixon on AMC’s hit TV series, The Walking Dead. A tough man who fights to stay alive during the zombie apocalypse, playing the part of a man struggling for daily survival requires that Reedus stays lean, muscular and in top shape, which he admits is not too hard considering the physical demands that the show places on him. “Running around the woods of Georgia in 120° heat and humidity really cuts pounds off you automatically,” he said in a recent Men’s Fitness article. Along with the running and heavy artillery-lifting the show requires, he also swims, jump ropes and does various strengthening exercises in his spare time.

Reedus is very particular about his diet, consuming plenty of proteins and avoiding sugar, breads and pasta. He opts for smaller food portions and prefers organic produce and locally raised food items. “The one thing that I try to do is watch what I eat,” Reedus said of his strict dietary habits, proving that health and fitness are important attributes to living a full life – especially in a zombie apocalypse.

Author: Natasha Ganes

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