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How to Tone Your Muscles

What Is the Real Definition for Muscle Tone?

According to the dictionary, muscle tone is the regular, passive state of balanced tension in the tissues and muscles of the body.

What Is Muscle Tone as You Want It?

To the general population, “muscle tone” refers to muscles that are defined and have a firm appearance. In other words, if someone is “toned,” it usually means that they look good.

Why Be Toned?

The primary purpose of muscle tone (as per its definition) is to keep your muscles primed and ready for action. When you look at a horse, tiger or dog, they are usually muscle toned, meaning that they are always ready for quick action. They can spring into any physical mode needed within a moment’s notice. Athletes are the epitome of toned in the human being.

How to Get Toned

Getting toned means acquiring the muscular look without the bulk of, for example, body builders. We would rather look like a panther than a gorilla. Or, as men and women, we do not want to “bulk” up.

1.     About 65% of the result of getting toned is to lean out or reduce your overall body fat. This will make the skin thinner and allow your muscles to be seen or better defined. This is accomplished through a proper nutrition plan. Eat proteins and fats with vegetables and some fruit three or four times per day.

2.     The other 35% of getting toned is to get into the habit of strength training or weight lifting. Both men and women can easily find a program that, over time, will help to define and strengthen their muscles.

Make certain that, if you are a woman, you do not fall into believing the myth that if you lift weights you will “bulk up.” You won’t. Your testosterone levels are too low to be able to build muscle like a man can. However, both men and women must increase muscle strength in order to develop muscle tone.

The way to get toned is to lift heavier weights for fewer repetitions and not worry about getting too big, even if you are a man. All you have to do is stick to a lean diet, lift weights three to four times a week and watch the transformation take place as you get the toned look that you have always wanted.

Written by John Lehner

Author: Natasha Ganes

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