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7 Fun Ways to Get in Shape While Still Staying Cool This Summer

Summer is almost here and a great way to keep fit without overexerting your body in the season’s heat is by incorporating water into your workout routine. Exercising in water compared to land can burn more fat and calories, and help you build stronger muscles. So dive in, stay fit and have fun!

  1. Aqua Cycling: Think of it like a spin class that takes place in the pool. Invented by an Italian physical therapist, this relatively new instruction provides a challenging, full body workout while keeping your core completely engaged.
  2. Swimming Laps: One of the best total-body workouts around, the greatest part about this exercise is that all you need to start is a pool and a pair of googles. Try adding 30 minutes of slow laps onto the end of your regular routine as a post-gym cool down.
  3. Water Aerobics: These classes are a fun way to socialize with friends, improve your body composition and reduce the risk of post-workout pain.
  4. Deep Water Running/Aqua Jogging: Done with or without a weighted belt, jogging in deep water can be a creative way to keep up your running regimen without adding overt stress to your body. It can also help to reduce harsh impact on your joints.
  5. Water Walking: If you’re not a steady swimmer, this can be a great way to gain confidence in the water, and increase your body’s balance and overall tone.
  6. Paddling/Surfing: If you live near an ocean, these sports can help you get fit fast as well as build your balance and muscle tone. The ideal way to start is through private lessons, which are often provided by local waterfront hotels and surf shops.
  7. Canoeing/Kayaking: Best for upper body strength building, even an hour of these activities will produce more of a workout for your back, shoulders, arm, chest and abdomen than you would likely see in a single gym session.

Author: Natasha Ganes

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