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What Should My Diet Look Like Each Day?

Every day we have an important responsibility to meet and 50-75 trillion cell

The Benefits of Medium Chain Fatty Acids

Although we tend to shy away from the use of fat in our diets, when used in m

The Dangers of High-Carb Diets

New studies are finally bringing attention to the idea that a diet that is hi

Nutrition for Fitness

The common belief is that if you want to build muscle, you need to eat lots o

The Best Workout Routine for Teens

In order to get a strong, toned body you need to work out on a regular basis.

Weight Exercises for Each Major Muscle Group

Glutes Dead Lift: To do these properly and take the focus off your lower back

How to Avoid Injury While Exercising During the Winter Months

Each season requires specific considerations when it comes to exercising and

How to Tone Your Muscles

What Is the Real Definition for Muscle Tone? According to the dictionary, mus

Protect Yourself from the Heat of Summer with These Supplements

Summer is finally here, bringing long days of sun and fun. However, it’s impo

7 Fun Ways to Get in Shape While Still Staying Cool This Summer

Summer is almost here and a great way to keep fit without overexerting your b

How to Find the Perfect Bike to Fit Your Needs

Now that spring is here, many of us are starting to think about how we can br

The Benefits of Juicing

Over the last few years, juicing has become a popular term in the health and