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4 Healthy Breakfasts on the Go

  • 1.Apple, Nuts, and Cheese: This combo gives a great balance of fiber and protein without the carbs.

  • 2.Bagel Sandwich: Toast and butter a whole wheat bagel. Balance the carbohydrates with Ham and some cheese for extra protein. Wrap it in foil and take it on the way out the door!

  • 3.Energy Bar: Try going for one with lots of fiber and protein, to make sure it's a satisfying meal replacement. Add a yogurt if you still feel hungry!

  • 4.Breakfast Burrito: Make a quick scrambled egg and roll it in a whole wheat tortilla. Add cheese, ham, and some salsa and it's ready to go!


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On April 17th, Tony Hawk competed in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race at the 36th Annual Long Beach Grand Prix. He competed against other celebrities including Zachery Levi, Adrian Brody, Brian Austin Green, Adam Corolla, Jesse McCartney, Keanu Reeves and Christian Slater. [read more]

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